And so I give you this:

Hearing Anna Torv do her best Leonard Nimoy impression while reading that Fringe tweet is worth your time. You'll thank me for it later.

Aaaaand back to my hectic schedule I go. Sorry for all the drive-by postings, guys. Work, life and everything in general is just catching up with me because whoa, I have 2 weeks left here in the Philippines and it's not hitting me because I have so much crap to finish.

I'd really like it to be May 28 so I can start my vacation, thanks.

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John Noble and Anna Torv are freaking me out with their accents. The absence of Joshua Jackson is not a good omen.

Have a good trip back to the USA.
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This cracked me the hell up and I don't even watch! My favorite part wasn't the tweet, but the discussion of the scene where Olivia saw Walter naked (which I've seen, btw, and it was amazing). Oh man, she's wiping her eyes! Love it. Also, accents FTW!


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