So apparently LJ as revamped the comment pages, sparking the ire of users all over the world. I did not notice right away because I view all pages in my style and miraculously, my style was not affected, but all the bitching on Tumblr alerted me to it.A good summary from Tumblr:

RE: Changes at Livejournal

The jist is that the site’s undergone a revamp, subject lines were dropped, deemed “unnecessary” by one of the Russian developers (rather snarkily, I might add; the guy’s a first-class tool).  Nevermind that dozens (hundreds, possibly) RP, sales, fandom, and news communities use them for everything from sales to a handy place to pop a trigger warning.  Some people have started simply bolding the first line of text in their comment, but it’s not as easy to spot what you’re looking for that way.

In addition, comment pages are now on a graphical interface that takes forever to load, and the handy drop-down menu for choosing user icons is not there anymore— rather, every one of your icons loads up and you click to select.  Even on the mobile version.  I’m feeling for people who have 100+ icons

Dreamwidth has open account creation this week (no invite code needed); if you ever wanted to migrate but couldn’t get an invite code, now is the time.

Some work arounds have already been developed, though some bugs are still being worked out. They can be found here:

Apparently this is only the beginning, as the developer behind the new tweaks just posted a prototype. Something to look forward to in the new year, I guess.

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Hmm. I hadn't noticed anything that different. But thanks for pointing it out.
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I . . . don't even know what half this means since I haven't been on LJ save a fly-by comment since yesterday. ARGH. I am kinda freaking out about the icons part, because um, I have 255 of them? And that's one of my favorite things about LJ.

I'm so pissed at the world anyway right now. LOL. WHATEVER. I guess when I try to reload my London layout we'll see what works and what doesn't. Meh.

Hmm. Does my icon drop-down still work because I'm in your layout?

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The icon thing might not be too bad, but I know fandom in general is pissed off about the lack of subject lines. The kink memes and anon memes especially are upset because they rely on those for trigger warnings. Tumblr is awash with gnashing of teeth, angry graphics, and reblogging of work arounds. The Unpopular Opinion Rick Perry, "I like LJ's new design" graphic already has 3000+ notes.

We will discuss your layout later. Shouldn't be too much. No worries.

And, yes. Because I force it in my comments. Like a boss.
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I will just pretend I know what you're talking about with the Rick Perry thing. Tumblr is one thing I just . . . cannot bring myself to attempt.

I'm sure the layout will be fine. In my current mood I want to put it back right NOW, but I'm trying to be festive. Which isn't working, but whatever. At least my LJ layout looks festive. I just want the London one back.

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I just checked. I built it off Minimalism so when you reselect your layout, it will be back to normal. All you have to do to restore the London one is to pick the Travel Afar Minimalism layout and LJ should have remembered your customized settings. Incidentally, if you want to restore your LJ to your blue Team Awesome one, you just pick the theme I built it off of originally.

Oh and Rick Perry's ad sparked a meme. ( So far my favorites are "Internet Explorer is the best web browser," "Comic Sans is a great font" and "Brittany and Santana have kissed enough" in the wake of the Twitter debacle. The Internet is an amazing place sometimes.
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I have to put the code back in though, right? Once I switch to Travel Afar Minimalism? I want to put it back RIGHT NOW, but I'm being good and waiting until New Year's. Delayed gratification or some fuckery. Despite my cluelessness when it comes to such things, I do in fact know how to put my S7 layout of love back. THAT is just the click of a button. When I went to test out putting back the London one, it wasn't quite that easy. But of course I saved the email with the code (I'll have to go back and change the icon size again, but I can do that), so hopefully I can figure it out.

*fingers crossed*

I will have to look at the meme after my shower. Total madness here, as per usual. Also it's like a hundred degrees. I'm sure you're much cooler in the great white north. Meep.

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You shouldn't need to re-enter the code. I tested it on mine and it was fine.

And gods, yes it's cold up here.
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Okay, finally got a chance to look at the meme, and ROLLING.

"It needs less cowbell."

"Alan Rickman was an awful Snape."

"I hate lamp."

DYING. Oh man, the internet can be so amazing. Heeeeeeeee.

Lucky YOU all freezing. My poor kids are having heatstroke down here. At my sister's today we were all so hot that we opened all the windows in the house. OY.


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