So apparently LJ as revamped the comment pages, sparking the ire of users all over the world. I did not notice right away because I view all pages in my style and miraculously, my style was not affected, but all the bitching on Tumblr alerted me to it.A good summary from Tumblr:

RE: Changes at Livejournal

The jist is that the site’s undergone a revamp, subject lines were dropped, deemed “unnecessary” by one of the Russian developers (rather snarkily, I might add; the guy’s a first-class tool).  Nevermind that dozens (hundreds, possibly) RP, sales, fandom, and news communities use them for everything from sales to a handy place to pop a trigger warning.  Some people have started simply bolding the first line of text in their comment, but it’s not as easy to spot what you’re looking for that way.

In addition, comment pages are now on a graphical interface that takes forever to load, and the handy drop-down menu for choosing user icons is not there anymore— rather, every one of your icons loads up and you click to select.  Even on the mobile version.  I’m feeling for people who have 100+ icons

Dreamwidth has open account creation this week (no invite code needed); if you ever wanted to migrate but couldn’t get an invite code, now is the time.

Some work arounds have already been developed, though some bugs are still being worked out. They can be found here:

Apparently this is only the beginning, as the developer behind the new tweaks just posted a prototype. Something to look forward to in the new year, I guess.
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