Dear god this girl is hilarious. She has no filter and I love it. It's downright refreshing, really. Especially because you never know what story she's gonna bust out with next. I enjoy the fact that each interview is different. I don't understand how she can switch the derp on and off so well, because she's so good and so serious in X-Men First Class, Hunger Games and Winter's Bone- and then you listen to her interviews and well...see for yourself.

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I am 100% dying. As someone who had, no lie, never heard the woman speak before I walked into THG to watch the movie, this is freakin' hilarious. I mean it's freakin' hilarious anyway. But delightful. Although god, is Letterman ever NOT creepy now? Probably no, yikes.

She's adorbs. I have such weird thoughts like, is it bad for her hair to have it colored so much when it's that long?

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I enjoy the fact that she comes across as real. And no. David Letterman will never NOT be creepy.

I imagine no, but I think it was only for the Katniss role.


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