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My paid account expires on the 24th. Do I really want to renew? Cannot decide.
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Of course you do! What what?

Okay kidding, because you're not here a lot anymore. I mean, I'm not even clear on what having a paid account gets you, aside from a lot of icons if you want them, the ability to use CSS (yay custom layout!), and the ability to view pages in your own style if someone else's layout bothers you. What else does it do? Do you still lose comment editing if you go back to a plus account?

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I think that used to be the case (I remember when comment editing was first released and one of my friends was like "We can edit comments now!" but I couldn't because I didn't have a paid account) but Liz edited a comment in reply to me and she doesn't have a paid one, so I think they changed that.

I just need all my icons :P
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Re: threadjack

I absolutely need all my icons and my custom LJ layout of excellence!

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I think mostly it's the ads and the inability to check custom made LJ accounts. Fuck it. It's only $17 for the year. Okay.


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